Material testing

Because real steel power always exists

Through our material testing, there is the possibility of you receiving standard material certified by an independent body directly from our warehouse. This shortens delivery times and you can respond even faster to customer requests.

Some applications require special properties of the material. With the help of our testing facilities, we approve the material for certain uses. For example, in the form of an approval for shipbuilding, for pressure vessels in the chemical industry or for parts used in nuclear power.

Material testing for every requirement

Different methods are used for testing the materials. Non-destructive testing includes, for example, ultrasound and dye penetrant testing. The tensile test and the notched impact test count as destructive testing. Of course, we certify every material test we carry out with a certificate or a sample report.

Determination of the chemical composition
Also mobile, for example for a materials identification check
Tensile test from room temperature to 900°C
Determination of Rm (tensile strength), Re or Rp0.2 (yield strength or yield point 0.2 %), A (elongation), Z (necking)
Notched impact test from room temperature to -196°C
Determination of the notched impact energy (KV)
Hardness tests
Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell, micro hardness test
Metallographic examinations
Determination of microstructure, degree of purity, grain size, resistance to intergranular corrosion
Jominy testList item
Non-destructive testing
Ultrasonic testing, dye penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing
For example, when six one-metre rods are sawn from a six-metre rod
Technological tests
Bending test, ring tensile test, folding test, ring folding test, ring expansion test, ring mandrel test
Determination of magnetic properties
Coercivity, hysteresis curve
Various tests
Roughness measurement, concentricity test, dimensional test, chloride test, hydrogen test, heat treatment tests
Acceptance of materials by independent acceptance companies
Preparation of a 3.2 certificate

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